Our services

What we can do for you

Our goal is to create a customized service plan designed specifically for you. We will coordinate, oversee, and execute this plan through each step of the process to its successful completion and your satisfaction.

Provide Free Consultation
and evaluation

  • Every consultation is unique. Every plan is custom designed for the client. No services are required, bundled or packaged in any way. Together we create a plan based on your needs and budget. We provide recommendations at your request based on our professional experience working with thousands of local clients since 2006.
  • We meet with you to review your goals and establish timelines.
  • We draft a plan and create an estimate for services.

Manage planning
and design

  • Floor planning assistance is extremely beneficial. When this service is requested we take pictures and measurements of your current and new rooms and furniture. We create a floor plan of furniture placement for the new residence.
  • Belongings that are not in the floor plan will be identified and we will arrange to take them to charity, donation, recycle or disposal.
  • We will facilitate taking any undecided items to storage.
  • We will arrange to ship items to family and friends locally or across the country.


  • Together we identify furniture and items to keep and assist with removal of all other items.
  • We sort and pack belongings in preparation for transport to the new home.
  • Toxic household chemicals are identified as non transportable so we arrange for recycle or disposal.
  • We disconnect and reconnect most household electronics and assure all components are packaged and identified.
  • We provide mover oversight and coordinate placement of furniture and boxes on move day.
  • We will unpack boxes, put away items and organize the new home.
  • We “take care” of the little details too: Make your bed, hang artwork, plug in lamps and reconnect most electronics.
  • We have a trusted list of service providers to perform the tasks we do not cover: A local and out of state mover, area specific realtor and a storage company to name a few. Ask us for more information.

We can help move residents within the retirement community!

We have years of experience expertly moving residents from one location in a senior community to another. We work hand in hand with resident facility managers to ensure proper planning and execution with no disruption to you or other community residents resulting in a seamless process.